Friday, March 16, 2007

ME2 Response

Well, here is my promised “take” on “The Jackdaw and the Pigeons” fable:

My Moral: A lack of contentment often brings unfavorable repercussions. God has made each one of us as He sees fit (He is the Potter, we are the clay) and He provides for us from His bounty as it pleases Him. Coveting and envy have no real place in the life of His children, and as this little fable teaches, these failings often lead to deceit and sometimes far worse, resulting in lost blessings. In some places this fable is called “The Vain Jackdaw”, this title alerting us to an issue of vanity also. Need I say more? When, if ever, does self-love lead to a good end?

Thanks for the responses! I notice that the two married ladies saw lessons similar to mine. The two younger girls who took a stab at this moral come from a different perspective, which had gone unnoticed by me. They had legitimate words of wisdom concerning the two “groups” in the fable; their lessons relating to the pigeon and jackdaw communities were worth our consideration. If you get a chance, read the responses by Sara and Neesie. Thanks, girls, I am finding that I often get fresh insights from listening to the young.


Mrs. S said...

Good moral, Nanna. I also like your graphic.

Beka said...

Yes, I found the different viewpoints interesting too. This was good!

Sara said...
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Sara said...

I had so many different thoughts on that fable, but for some reason, I thought of the theme of being accepted more than anything. It's always interesting to see various perspectives on things. :)
Your blog is so pretty by the way...very creative.