Friday, March 02, 2007

ME1 - We Have a Winner!

I promised that I would give the answer to Saturday’s riddle today and I’m here to do that and to announce that there is a winner. The answer is “fingers” and even though it was ever so hesitantly, our friend Sara was the first to say it. Mark and Beka got it too (but too late) and I’m proud of them that they figured out the “Let your fingers do the walking” part from the old yellow pages ads. (See line 5.) So, here’s how it goes:

Count on us, if ever need be,
Flexible and useful, so are we.
Always available, if ask you would,
Helped small men and great men who knew we could.
In times past, tramped to find what you need,
Now call on helpers who have much more speed.

Who are we?

Line 1. Some people still resort to counting on their fingers. Sometimes I do.
Line 2. Mine aren’t as flexible as they used to be, but for most people they are.
Line 3. Is there anything more available?
Line 4. Whose fingers haven’t helped them, no matter who they might be? (Unless, of course, there’s a handicap.)
Line 5. I already mentioned that one.
Line 6. Not too many people use the yellow pages anymore. We just let our fingers call on computers to find what we need.

Okay! I promised an “ad” for the winner, so here goes: Sara is a sweet young lady, about to graduate from high school which she does at home. She has a blog over at Xanga which she calls “Princess” (the meaning of her name). She posts hymns and songs, Scriptures, cute pictures, and she tells about some of the goings on in her life. Her blog reflects a young woman of God, seeking to glorify Him. Go visit her whenever you can!

Next week or so, maybe we’ll try something else to work that old soft mass in the skull, hopefully to make it more useful for God.


Sara said...

Wow, I'm surprised I (sort of) guessed it! Yay!!! Thank you for your sweet "ad". Your description is WAY more than I derserve. :)
Hugs and Kisses!

Mrs. S said...

Yay Sara!! Good job.

Beka said...

Great job Sara!
I have to get a xanga account so I can visit your blog one of these days!

Beka said...
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