Saturday, March 24, 2007

Have a Nice Lord's Day

Tomorrow is Sunday, the Lord’s Day. Are you going to be in church? If health and circumstances don’t prevent you, will you be worshipping God in His house with other believers? If you’re like me, you consider it a blessed privilege and a joy to gather together with other saints and praise our God once a week on His day. I hope it’s a day that all of us always hold dear to our hearts.

Are you teaching your kids about the importance of this day? I know a book that will help you. I am still highly recommending this book and urging you young parents (and older grandparents) to look into it. Leading Little Ones to God by Marian M. Schoolland will really help you teach your children about God and the Bible, including helping them to understand about the Church, worship, and Sunday. (See Sections 77 and 78 in particular.) Hope many of you can get this book soon—a picture of it is on the sidebar. The place I’m linking to has it at a good price!

And I hope your time tomorrow, meeting with the Savior and His people is sweet!! Blessings until next week.


Beka said...

Well, I got here a little late, but we DID have a blessed Lord's Day yesterday!

Hope you have a blessed week!

Beverly said...

Same here ... didn't see this until today, but had a wonderful Lord's Day.

Sara said...

Yes! Thank you(again and again!) for inviting me yesterday. I had a wonderful time in fellowship with all of you!