Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Much to Learn

Later today, I am expecting to be at tea with a small group of six ladies of various ages. I’ll be the oldest one there and Selena will be the youngest. Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot to count Selena. Seven people will be there counting my dear granddaughter. I’m worried about her manners, though. You know, when we’re at tea our best manners should be in practice. But I’m afraid Selena will probably do some things that will violate the standards of good behavior that we should have for such occasions. I think she might belch loudly while we’re at the table or maybe do something even worse. Sometimes, actually usually, she decides that being at the table is a good time to “poop” (excuse me), and it’s always quite noticeable. You see, she’s not courteous enough to be reserved about it. Another thing she’ll probably do is bang her spoon or plastic cup on her highchair tray and make a display of herself. Ladies should never be brash and draw attention to themselves, you know. Well, let’s hope she’ll be forgiven because of age. But let’s hope she’ll learn by and by.

These little ones have so much to learn, don’t they? They need to learn manners and they need to learn about life in general. But more than anything, they need to learn about God. And, of course, we need to teach them. A month or so ago, I briefly mentioned one of the treasures I have on one of our bookshelves, one that has been in my home for over twenty years. I wanted to make a point of recommending it here. If you want to teach very young children good Bible doctrine, then this volume would be at the top of any list of books you want to get.
Leading Little Ones to God , a Child’s Book of Bible Teachings, by Marion Schoolland was first published in 1962 and has stood the test of time. [Cover picture on sidebar.] It is broken down into 86 sections starting with “Our Hearts Ask for God” and ending with “Praise to God Forever.” Each section is a perfect length to read to children who are quite young or to use at family devotions. Each has a Scripture verse, a suggested Bible reading, a hymn, and a prayer.

I guarantee that your little precious ones will learn much about Jesus from the time your family spends together in this beloved book. They’ll learn about who He was and what He came to do. And as they do, you will be leading your little ones to God.

While you’re doing that, don’t forget to teach them their manners.


Mrs. S said...

Yay! We can't wait for Nanna and Auntie Nee to come for tea. Lena is going to take her nap soon so that she won't be grumpy for the occasion. She will probably do one or all of the things you said, though!

As you know, Leading Little Ones is a cherished book of mine, and I am so happy to have it on my shelf.

Maxine said...

Well, thankfully she only did one of those things--just a little belch!! Otherwise, she was a little lady. She even played with a soft toy in her highchair. Good girl, Leana Beana!!

Sara said...

Well, I'm glad she behaved herself. :)

chrisd said...

Before we went to Disney, we used Little Visits with God. I liked it but the kids said it was boring.

I just love that age, when I'm doing the nursery at church! LOL

Have a nice weekend, Maxine!

Beka said...

I'm glad Lena behaved herself! I'm sure that as she grows older, she will become quite the refined little lady!

Vangie said...

Keep up the good work.