Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen 1

Thursday Thirteen is a blog meme which occurs every Thursday all over blogdome. Folks share thirteen things about everything under the sun and its purpose is for bloggers to connect with each other and get to know each other. At first, I made the decision not to get involved for various reasons which I won’t go into, but after reading more about it and after the response I received from an inquiry to the official website, it seems you’re not obligated to use their code or join their blogroll. So, going under that assumption, I changed my mind and have decided that I’ll post my thirteen whatevers as an “outsider” rather than and “insider”, and certainly not every week. Hopefully, I’m right that they are also flexible about using the header graphics. Perhaps some of you, my friends, will want to check this out.

After that long explanation, here is my first Thursday Thirteen post. I’ll pose a question to myself: If you could choose, what thirteen qualities of character would you most like to see in your grandchildren? So far Selena is my only grandchild, but I hope there will be more. Here is my answer:

1. Obedience – I hope they learn to obey at a young age. It may help them to obey God as they grow older.
2. Unselfishness—“It’s not about me.” Little ones like Selena haven’t learned that yet, but I hope it becomes characteristic in her life as time goes by.
3. Honesty—I pray they’ll be truthful and shun deceitfulness.
4. Industry—How much they’ll accomplish in life and for the Lord if they will be hard workers!
5. Courage—Oh, that they won’t fear to do what’s right, especially while they are young.
6. Compassion—May they be caring and concerned about others, with a desire to give a helping hand.
7. Thankfulness—You may not have noticed, but this is often lacking in today’s society.
8. Forgiveness—People will always fail them. They will have a hard life if they can’t forgive. Besides, Jesus requires it.
9. Self-control—If there’s a lack here, it will lead to all kinds of ills.
10. Contentment- What a blessing to see someone who is satisfied with the little things in life. Complaining is quite the vogue nowadays.
11. Loyalty—Another rare jewel. Faithfulness to family, friends, church and country.
12. Generosity—There are so many ways to give. I hope it gives them joy.
13. Humility—J.C. Ryle said that this is the rarest and most beautiful of graces. “Please, Lord, give this virtue to my grandchildren. It will help with all the others.”

I wonder what graces you desire for your children and grandchildren. Only Jesus can mold their characters. So let's all pray that they'll come to know Him.


Beverly said...

These are wonderful qualities of character ... ones which I pray you WILL see in your granchild. These are qualities I would like to strive for myself, also.

Beka said...

Yes, these are 13 very desirable character qualities. As Bev said, I would like to strive toward these things for myself as well. I hope and pray that Lena will come to know Jesus at a very young age, and that she will develop all of these qualities!

Maxine said...

Thanks, Beka, I just edited this post to include something I neglected to say: The only way that she or any of us can have these qualities is by and through the Holy Spirit. And she has to have Jesus for that. So we sure do want to pray for her salvation.

Elise said...

All of these graces and so much more do I desire for my children.
I wept as I read this, for it is my heart, too.
And Beverly, how blessed are you to have such a Nanna praying for your little one? :)

Sara said...

These are traits I need to work on myself...thanks for the post!