Monday, July 16, 2007

All Creatures of Our God and King

O Lord, how manifold are thy works! In wisdom hast thou made them all: the earth is full of thy riches. Psalm 104:24

Amen and`Amen! This week our congregation is giving particular attention to our great Creator and His marvelous works. This will be our focus as we minister from our booth at the local County Farm Fair and was our focus at Sunday services. In adult Sunday school there was a video showing the sophisticated designs of many creatures who defy evolution and then in morning worship we heard a sermon by our pastor entitled "Man--the Most Incredible Creature that Defies Evolution." Not that I was wavering in any way, but I have been strengthened as a creationist.

What can invoke renewed praise and adoration for our God better than a fresh look at His handiworks? Who but God could have done what has been done with and in our universe?! But I come with a reminder that even though we, as human beings, are the most incredible of all His creatures, there is something wrong within us, as we heard once again today. We have sin there, which can only be said of us, even though we're such remarkably created beings. But, this wonderful, merciful, gracious God has come to us in the Person of His Son, shedding His blood in a one time sacrifice at Calvary for all who will come to Him by faith, and He is still calling sinners to repent and believe the gospel and be saved. Now that's something to sing about!

This week's hymn was not on my original list, but it sure is appropriate for giving honor to the One whose glory is declared by all things. The earth is full of His riches!! Allelujah!

Let's sing it together, shall we? The following is not the same video that our church saw today, but hopefully, it will serve a similar purpose. And while we join in, we'll pray for the ones who sing in it so gloriously-that they too will know Him in truth, as is my prayer for each one who visits here with me.


Terry said...

Dear Maxine...Last year for Vacation Bible School, the children had a whole week's lessons about the creation.
Even though I thought I KNEW everything about it, I sure found out that week, that there is a lot more I DIDN'T know and I haven't even scratched the surface of what I DO know!
Have a great day!....Love Terry

Daughter of the King said...

great video/hymn.....I love sermons and studies that re-enforce my creation beliefs....sounds like a great week.

Beka said...

Yesterday was a great day! Learning more about some of God's incredible creations makes us want to praise Him all the more!


Praise be to our Great God. I loved your post today. I need to be reminded daily of what a great God we have and serve. Thank you, Maxine. connie from Texas

Beverly said...

Very beautiful hymn and video. I so often forget to be amazed by God's creation, and yesterday as well as your post is a great reminder.

A Note From Theresa said...

THAT WAS GREAT! Wow! Thank you for that :-)

Karolee said...

AMEN! More churches need to preach and teach that we not only have a saving God but also a creator God.

chrisd said...

Beautiful hymn! I miss them in church; our church barely sings hymns at all now. We even got rid of the organ. Sad.

I agree about creation. We don't teach the kids about creation and science. Good point.

Hope you have a great week, Maxine!

Terry said...

Thanks for your visit Maxine.
I know how busy you must be so I really appreciate your coming over.

I feel so bad for Chisd that they don't have much singing in the church now.
I think that the Lord really does love to hear the singing of his saints but I am sure that he hears the singing that seems to be pouring from her heart!.....Love Terry