Friday, July 27, 2007

Sad things

Yesterday, I woke up sad and I stayed that way for the better part of the day. It was funny, I went to Bev's Girl Inside blog and she had posted something from Amy Carmichael that hit the nail on the head for me. I wanted to comment there, but didn't since that blog is specifically directed at teens and young ladies. :) (She has since told me I am welcome to comment there.) But as the day wore on, I kept getting sadder, and certain external incidents didn't help matters any.

I found a dead baby cardinal right outside in the back yard. I think it had flown into the sliding glass door by accident and broken its neck. I put it into a plastic bag and into the trash; immediately afterward, there was the clicking sound of its father going from branch to branch calling for it. As you know, one of my greatest pleasures is feeding and watching the birds, with cardinals being my favorites. I always have appreciated the way their families are set up and how diligent the males are in the care of their babies once they leave the nest. So, seeing this anxious beautiful male bird (and he was anxiously calling!) flying about our yard and the adjoining ones made me very sad.

During a telephone call, a dear sister was telling me about something that is happening in her life which is a real struggle for her, and I must say, rightfully so. There are going to be some changes to her current circumstances which are going to be very difficult and she's taking it all pretty hard. She's had one trial after another for years and years, so thinking about her made me sad all day long.

Then, I read the news article about a pastor from San Antonio who was struck and killed by lightening while out hiking with his two teen sons. It was the youngest boy's fourteenth birthday and their mom was back at the campsite making a birthday cake. Sometimes you don't want to read the news; these things make you so sad. I had some difficulty getting this family off my mind.

The news gets worse and worse as time goes on. Big yesterday were the reports of the murder of one of the 23 South Korean Christian hostages being held by the Taliban in Afghanistan. More persecution of the saints; it's happening everywhere. The last I heard, the remaining 22 are still in the hands of their captives. Sorrow upon sorrow for the families and friends of these dear folks. We can't help but feel a sense of deep sadness when we hear these things.

Sorry to make such a gloomy post. But believe it or not, I feel better today. I can't explain why, but I woke up today in a completely different frame of mind. In my morning devotions in the book of Matthew, my companion Mr. Ryle quoted a verse that jumped out at me. "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning," says Psalm 30, verse 5. About that verse, it was said by another divine that "mourning shall last but till morning." Thank God. I pray He'll help us to remember that.

Later I saw my cardinal couple come to the feeder and this time I didn't hear the peculiar sound from somewhere in the trees--the sound that the young ones make as they follow close behind. They probably only had the one, but I have no doubt that they've already started a new nest. They're not like us, you know.

But as for my friend, the family and loved ones of the pastor in San Antonio, and those Christians going through unspeakable torment in South Korea and Afghanistan, this verse is a promise. The darkness of now makes this promise difficult to fathom, but it's a promise nonetheless. And any promise from our God is one to be believed. Let's all remember it when were down and out, but even more so in times of adversity. During the midnight hours, let's remember that there is coming a morning of joy. And it may not be until we see the light of the Son face to face.


Penless Thoughts said...

Glad your feeling better this morning. Funny how sometimes we just wake up in a down mood. Thankfully not too often.

As far as your not commenting on the younger women's blogs.....I am much older than you and I have made many young friends since blogging. I don't find that they feel that way at all!!! Please don't put up barriers like that around you :o)

Daughter of the King said...

oh my goodness..I sure know those days feel like you are under a cloud of sorts....
and yes...more ofen than not *Joy comes in the Morning*.....
What I like about blogging is I am learning and sharing with women of all ages...

Maxine said...

Oh dear, I guess I better explain something here. I have loads of young bloggy friends where I comment all the time! The reason I was (jokingly) hesitant about my daughter's Girl Inside blog is that it is an offshoot of her website which is a specific ministry to teen girls.
Don't worry Susan and Deby--I'll be sticking my neck in with a comment over there when it fits the occasion! (Think I'll edit my entry to make it more clear.)

A Note From Theresa said...

That was a sad post, I'm so sorry you had a bad day. But I'm happy your doing better now.

Keep smiling sister, Hugs from Texas.


I am so sorry you had such a sad day. Maybe we have to have them every once in a while to really appreciate all the days that are so full of joy. I am glad you are feeling much better. This world can be a sad place if we do not remember who is in control of everything from the birds to each one of us. Have a happy day. connie from Texas

Beka said...

Well, I'm glad you're feeling happier today! My heart goes out to the family in San Antonio and the persecuted believers.
And indeed, joy does come in the morning!

Beka said...

Hi again... I have something special for you over at my place! I think you just did this at Scraps of Glory, so I'm not tagging you, but I AM awarding you!

A Note From Theresa said...

I tagged you for something. Come over and see.

Karolee said...

Great post. It's hard to imagine how people who don't have the joy of Christ make it through their days.

gardenkeeper said...

I read your post and it echos what I say so often. How do non christians make it through tough situations???? without the blessed hope of christ there is nothing but darkenss. Praise God! there IS joy in the morning!! :)


Terry said...

Dear Maxine... I am so glad that you visited me today.
I have been thinking of you since those Korean Christians have been kidnapped and I have been feeling so sad for them.
Just now on the news that have shown that another young man of about 22 was killed by these cruel and ruthless insruments of the devil!
They have released a video of the 21 dear people that are still in the evil clutch of the enemy.
Such sweet young faces they have. sweet faces like your own dear Beverly.
How can their moms and dads stand it?
They are so young.
And there are so many people praying!

It is all just so sad and discouraging Maxine.
I am really praying for the hostages and their families and I am so sure that you are too...Love Terry

Terry said...

Maxine...Would those two Christians be considered as martyrs, seeing that the only goal they had in going to Afghanistan was to bring the gospel to the people?
Do you think that they will be given a martyrs crown in heaven?..Love Terry

Maxine said...

I most definitely would consider these two people martyrs. And I agree with you, it's so hard to get them out of my mind too. I know, I heard that they are all quite young, so we would think about what their parents are going through. I can't bring myself to look at the video yet, tho.

It's good to see your care and concern--Jesus would have it that way. He wouldn't want us to go about our lives without a thought for His suffering ones.

Carol said...

This was a very sad post Maxine...I think we have all woken up on days to feel just how you did this day..a few weeks ago in Australia there was disaster after another, each morning we would wake to hear of the devastation caused by floods and train disasters, car accidents,the unnecessary deaths of so many, caused from the torrential rain... was really sad especially as it was so close to where I live....our country so needed the rain, we prayed for rain, to ease our drought; it filled our dams almost to capacity..but it was sad that many lost their lives..

Maxine said...

Carol, My goodness, I didn't know about those disasters in Australia. So you understand what I mean. I hope the Lord gives us all the grace to remember the coming joy as we go through the sad times.

Elise said...

Oh, Maxine. What a day.
I love that verse so much - it was the name of my first blog - and it is filled with such promise. I still whisper those words to myself when I am weary in the evening.
I am praying for the prisoners of the Taliban.