Friday, August 10, 2007

Beautiful Sounds

Well, the whole week went by and I didn't make a post. VBS and other things have filled my mind. This evening will be our last session of Vacation Bible School and I must say that it's been a blessing for us all. The children have loved singing their Ten Commandments song, doing their crafts and games, eating their snacks (of course!), learning their Moses lessons, listening to a special missionary continuing story every day, and GIVING. Tuesday was penny day, Wednesday nickel day, Thursday dime day and today is quarter day. Let me tell you, these little ones have dug deep and I was impressed by the amount of money which has been given so far from such a few--all to send to help an orphanage being built in Zimbabwe, a project which is special to our church. Obviously, there are quite a few orphans there who are being helped by some people who are dear to us. Pray for this work, please.

It's a beautiful sound to me--the sound of children singing. I love hearing the children sing at church, but it's a precious and sweet sound wherever they are and whatever the language when they sing about Jesus. I found this video of orphans in India who were getting up at five in the morning every day to have devotions. What can I say? Listen and be blessed and please pray for the orphans in Zimbabwe, India, and all over the world.

I'll just let this take the place of my hymn for the week, even though I am overdue

Edit Note: For some reason this video was not working as of Saturday evening. I embedded the code again several times, so I imagine there is a problem at the God Tube site? Sorry! I'll leave it here in case it works again.


Beka said...

Well, it worked for me this morning! How very precious it was to be able to watch those sweet children singing His praises! Thank you so much for sharing this.

Cathy said...

Bless their sweet little hearts. We pray God will meet all their needs.