Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mind Exerciser #5

I thought I better post something a bit on the lighter side. It should help me feel better and maybe also lift the heart of someone else. So I decided that it's time for another riddle--it's been quite a while.

The one I'm doing this time has a history to it. I wrote it almost two years ago on a Saturday night. Immediately upon its completion, my then twelve year old daughter guessed the answer after reading it through once. Naturally, I figured it was too easy, but I left it as it was, thinking it would work out well as one of the riddlers in our children's section at the business site. It's been posted there about three times. During those times, I emailed several families to go to the site and take a guess. I've had visitors to my home try to get it; etc. The bottom line is that after that initial correct answer by my daughter, NO ONE has guessed this riddle. Not in all this time. I just don't understand that. I've said before that I worry that a riddle's defective if no one gets it--but Neesie somehow did --right away! So it must make sense.

It's been a while, so I'll repeat the rules on the ME riddles. Take one guess each. First one to guess the correct answer wins. If when you make your comment you see your guess has already been made, feel free to say so but still take another wild guess--it can't hurt anything. I have a nice little reward certificate that the winner takes if he or she chooses. But guess what? This time I have a little prize from Speakable Gifts. We have a few extra paperback editions of The Pilgrim's Progress around, so I thought this would be a good way to get this wonderful book into the hands of some other folks who might enjoy it. Even if you already have a copy of your own, you may find opportunity to give it to someone else who would benefit from reading it.

So jump in and take a stab at it. Don't let what I said about it scare you. Last time, the very first person to guess was right. Because of it's history, this one must be more difficult, but then again, maybe you'll be like my daughter and get it straightway!

Here it is:

Never am I too short or too long,
Sections of me always right, not wrong,
Opposites have I that are yet the same,
Take one, double twice, a measure will name.
Four cozy little places, take your pick,
Quite plain am I, and not the least bit thick.

Don't explain your guess--it might help someone else if you're close. I suppose Saturday will be a good time to tell the answer and announce the winner. (I hope there's a winner!)

Bev's heard all my riddles before, so as usual she can't participate. She's always welcome to comment though, so she doesn't feel left out, poor thing. I can't wait to hear your guesses!


Cathy said...

a square

Barbara said...

a sheet of paper?

kris said...

I agree with Cathy - I think it's a square.
Thanks for the great riddle!

chrisd said...


I think it's a square too.

(have you been reading the hobbit?)


I have not the slightest idea. But it was fun anyway. connie fromTexas

Shannon said...

My first thought was square...but then I thought, can it be that easy?


Wendy said...

awww. Too late. I think it's a square (and I was so pleased with myself for figuring it out!)

Vicki said...

Well I am brain dead today:-) But I do love to visit.

Penless Thoughts said...

I thought thread. I've never been very good at riddles.