Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sorrows Upon Sorrows

And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there will be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away. Rev. 21:4

My friends, I am so sorry. I feel I need to apologize because it seems I've been often gloomy of late. But it is as God has ordained. It's not for me to know the reason why at this time. There have been sorrows upon sorrows, it seems. But If we name the Name of Christ in truth the above Scripture tells something of our future hope. It has always been a favorite verse of mine. Some day, my dear fellow saints, He will wipe away every tear. And there will be no more of those things of earth that cause us grief. Listen to what someone said who is an old friend to many of us:

"This new and blessed state will be free from all trouble and sorrow. All tears shall be wiped away. God himself, as their tender Father, with his own kind hand, shall wipe away the tears of his children; and they would not have been without those tears when God shall come and wipe them away. All the causes of future sorrow shall be for ever removed: There shall be neither death nor pain; and therefore no sorrow nor crying; former things have passed away." - Matthew Henry

I have read this commentary on this verse over and over. It has always been captivating to think about that. It is as Mr. Henry said. They would not have been without those tears when God shall come and wipe them away. So, we will have all those hurtful things while here on this side of heaven, but not on the other. Hallelujah.

I have just had yet another sweet young sister-friend have her little one take flight to Jesus. To her I say: I hope Mr. Henry's words will comfort your heart, dear. I know that you have embraced these truths already.

And then last night some very hard news came to us. A dear pastor and his wife who served the Lord in in another country were killed. The facts have not been made clear yet as to what happened, but they don't think it was terrorism. We knew these people, know their son and other relatives well. Needless to say, the news is devastating. All of us who are stunned and jarred by the news will have to eventually calm down and find comfort in words such as the ones we have just read in Revelation. Tears and sorrows we'll have now, but not always.

It doesn't matter that you don't know their names. Please pray for my young friend and her family. Please pray for the family, friends, and church family of the beloved couple who I have no doubt are seeing the face of Jesus. And they got there at the same time.


sparrow's song said...

I find for sorrows, the hardest thing to bear at times, besides loss, is regret. With regret there may be no solution. Only longing remains for what could have been.

Please accept my deepest sympathies for the loss of your sweet friends in the Lord. May His peace be comfort for the loved ones who are left behind to grieve.

Special hugs in the Lord for you.

Lori said...

Awe..Maxine! This breaks my heart!! I will pray for those requests and I will pray for you!

Beka said...

These past few days, as sadness has so filled my heart, I have read the last 2 chapters of Revelation many times and found such comfort, such joy there. Earthly sorrows just fade into the background when we read such glorious passages in His Word.
I am so glad you shared those words from Matthew Henry. I will never forget them. "They would not have been without those tears when God shall come and wipe them away." Amen.

Elise said...

It is worth the tears to feel His gentle hands wiping them away...
Such peace He brings me through you, my friend. Thank you! I know that heaviness for others - there is so much of late!
I will pray for the family and friends of the beloved couple... I like to imagine they hold my little one before the throne! :)


Maxine, I am so sorry for all your sorrows at this time. I will be praying for all those who have shared in your losses. Remember that even when their are clouds the sun(son) is shinning bright and clear beyond the clouds and Joy comes in the morning. We could not know happiness unless we have experienced the sorry. This too, shall pass. He has promised. So, hold on, and you just keep your eyes on the big picture. connie from Texas

Phoebe said...

Grieving also!