Saturday, August 25, 2007

ME #5-We Have a Winner!

I have to say that I'm dumbfounded. Did you see what I wrote the other day about this riddle? About no one being able to figure it out other than my daughter? This is unbelievable to me: I posted the riddle late in the night before going to bed on Tuesday evening and when I went to my computer on Wednesday morning, there was the answer right away! And several others came up with the same answer. Yes, the answer is A SQUARE!

Congrats to my new friend Cathy for good working of the old gray matter and being the early bird special on this riddle. And what a surprise that so many others knew it too. I think you folks here at blogland are just smarter than other people! Good job to all of you. And by the way, Barbara, if the piece of paper is in the shape of a square, then you got it too. :)

So the winner this time is Cathy who has a new blog called Melodies and Hymnsongs. I really like what she's doing. She features on her blog all kinds of music, Scripture, pretty pictures and videos. She even has a video of a cat playing the piano! Her site is new to me and I like going there to see what's going on. We are kindred in our love for the hymns, particularly. I'm thankful to have her as a bloggy friend and look forward to knowing her better. So go over and visit her soon as you can. Okay, Cathy, here is your reward certificate that you can pick up to display where and when you want it and I'll be contacting you about your prize.

Here's my explanation of the riddle:

Never am I too short or too long,
All sides are equal-none longer or shorter than the others.

Sections of me always right, not wrong,
All right angles.

Opposites have I that are yet the same,
Opposite sides are the same, of course.

Take one, double twice, a measure will name,
Take one side and double it twice--you get the perimeter!

Four cozy little places, take your pick,
A square has four corners; corners are cozy, right?

Quite plain am I, and not the least bit thick.
It's a plane geometric shape, not solid like a cube.

Sorry for the play on words, but that's what makes a riddle. You know how our language is with multiple meanings and multiple spellings. (I'm soon going to post about that, btw.)

Thanks for those who were brave enough to try and for my dear friends who didn't guess, but left sweet comments.

Enjoy your weekend, all!


Cathy said...

Yeah, What a nice surprise. It came to me pretty quickly, and then I had to start trying to reason it all out. :-) The take one, double twice, a measure will name- I was thinking of 4 square. Isn't that a math measurement? My smart little grandson told me I was right. And my smart sister knew the answer. I thought- I'm just like a little kid. Thank you for all the sweet things you said, Maxine. I'm glad we are new friends and that you enjoy my blog. :-) I love the certificate, and I want to read the book.

Cathy said...

Maxine, I also want to add that I am really enjoying your blogs. You are very talented to have three. You are an excellent writer, an encouragement to others, and are also very creative. And I thank you for the certificate and prize!

Barbara said...

Maxine, after I put paper and then saw Cathy's answer, I knew it had to be square - the opposites the same got me. I know there is paper that is square - but we are back to the old square. :) Congrats to Cathy.

Maxine said...

Thanks, Cathy, for the kind words. Seems to me, we're all blessing each other.

About the piece of paper, Barbara. Most often that's a rectangle and most of the riddle is true of all rectangles, including squares, but I was hoping the first line would give indication that it was even on all four sides.

Well, now, I think I'll have to make the next one harder, since so many people did so well on this one.

Beverly said...

Wow --- you ladies are smarter then I was when I tried to figure that one out!

sparrow's song said...

My daughter and I tried to figure that riddle out. It stumped both of us.

Congrats, Cathy!