Thursday, March 27, 2008

Get Up

I got my latest Nutrition Action newsletter yesterday and the cover story is "Chair Today-Gone Tomorrow." From that title, you can guess what's being primarily discussed this month. The subtitle for this article is "Why you need to move from your seat to your feet." Well, this article really put me in action today. According to the article, "we're a nation that sits," and is that ever true. We sit at the computer; at desks; at ball games; in cars, trains, and airplanes; and of course, for TV watching. I could give loads of other examples. The invention of remote control gadgets has not helped any either. As is brought out in this article, how do you think this affects your weight, heart and blood sugar levels?

I was thinking about those of us who are housewives. Surely this isn't true of us, is it? Now maybe this is not as true of us as it is of the office worker, but we probably sit a lot more than our grandmothers did. With all of the latest inventions that we have in our homes--dishwashers, microwaves, automatic washers and dryers, etc. it gives more time to...well, sit. For me, this article has stirred me to more activity around my house and I hope it lasts beyond today. Here are some of the ways that I've resolved to be more active carrying out my normal household, teaching, and business duties:
  • When I'm at the computer (such as now), I'll try to make sure I get up every fifteen, twenty minutes or so to do something. There's always something that I can get up to do: there are so many little odds and ends that need doing around here. If nothing else, I can just walk into the sunroom and look out at the birds for a few minutes, a favorite hobby.

  • When I'm grading papers or doing lesson plans, instead of piling books up on my desk and spending a longer length of time there, I'll start the practice of leaving the teacher books and notebooks on the bookcase so that I have to get up and get each one as needed. And I'll try to be peppy about it!

  • How about being more energetic about normal duties, such as going from the bedroom to the laundry room? Or sweeping the floor with more gusto? Or going out to sweep the front porch even if it doesn't really need it? Or dusting more in between some of the sitting sessions? Now that spring's here, using the clothesline more will be another help.

  • And here's a biggy: Sometimes in the evening after devotions, we relax together as a family and look at a video or CD episode of the Waltons, Hawaii Five-O, Mission Impossible, or one of the other older classics. This is a favorite time of day for us and I get all settled on the couch. It's so enjoyable and so cozy. Sometimes, I'm so settled and comfy that I ask my fifteen year old to go get me the pillow, tissue, glass of water, or whatever it is that I want. From now on, I'LL GET IT MYSELF.

I hope this post has moved some of you other folks out there too. . .up from your seats.


Penless Thoughts said...

This is a post I really need to heed, Maxine. I worked for years at a CPA firm and sat at a desk all day. My husband fusses at me for sitting at the computer too long. Not about my blogging but about not getting up every 15-20 minutes, as you say, and walking a little bit. I must try and do better!!!

Trust you had a blessed Easter, Maxine.

A Note From Theresa said...

Very good post! Thank you.

Beverly said...

I am going to ask Neesie if you have been getting up to get things yourself ;-) But a very good reminder!

Brooke said...

I used to be more sedentary in law school and as a lawyer I spend a lot of time reading. The best investment I made was getting gym membership. I feel guilty about wasting money when I don't go. It works. I go to the gym 4-5 times a week. My gym gives four training sessions when you begin so you don't hurt yourself. They set realistic goals for me to achieve. It was hard at first. I actually love working out now! My gym also offers nutrition services so I used that too ! I feel so much more energetic now. Its also reduced my stress levels.

Beka said...

Oh yes, this is a good reminder.

Daughter of the King said...

You are so right. I blog, with my laptop sitting in my lazyboy recliner, with my little pooch by my side.sadly...hours can pass.
I do do do need this reminder.
Especially since I heard the same thing from the cardiologist last week ( duh !) so I will heed this post and try harder today.
When you have fibromyalgia it is just so much easier to NOT move...but you are right.
Move it or lose it.

Sara said...

These are good ideas!

I'm thinking that the trailer is for a documentary...probably not a "movie". I'll change that on my blog. :)

sparrow's song said...

Yup, it's so easy to get caught up in what's comfortable and often that translates to laziness.

Here's another. How about walking the dog?

I'm with you on this to just make the effort to spend more time 'doing' things.

A Note From Theresa said...

It's been a long time since you posted. I hope your doing ok.


Maxine said...

Thanks, guys. Hope we all got stimulated by NA.

Blessing to you too, Susan. Be over to see you soon.

Bev, Beka and Sara: You young folks keep busy anyway.
Good job, Brooke. Glad you're able to do that and have those nutrition classes.

Just get up when you can, Deby. Hope you're feeling better, btw.

And, Sparrow, that is exactly what I should do more. And he'd really appreciate it. I get lazy about walking him because we have a fenced in yard and he gets so much exercise back there. But he needs to have the change of scenery now and then.

Aww, Theresa, thanks so much for caring. I've just been so busy with some business things and with income taxes. I'll post today or tomorrow. God bless. (Cute picture!)