Monday, May 05, 2008

Myanmar Disaster

In the midst of the tussling of candidates for position to the high office here, a major disaster once again strikes in our world, this time in Myanmar, formerly Burma. It's hard to even imagine the devastation in the form of thousands of lost lives and the loss of homes. Sometimes as we read and hear of these desparate situations in other places we feel helpless. What can we do? Is there any way we can help?

Of course, we can always pray. And we can give if it's at all possible. We always like to give through World Vision for tragedies of this magnitude, but there are other agencies through which you can give. World Vision is a solid and trusthworthy organization that's been around for quite a while, so we always recommend them. We've been sponsoring several children in Africa through them (one child at a time for us), and believe me, it's an experience we'd recommend to any family who can find the means to do it. I thought I'd throw this out in case there's anyone out there who could manage to give in this blessed way: sponsor a child or family in Myanmar. I know that's a tough call for many folks, so let's all please see if we could do a little something, and maybe all together it will help.

The U.S. has offered financial aid to help the people there; hopefully, it will be accepted. It was nice to see Laura Bush speaking on this issue today. Even though she was speaking on such a tragic matter, it was a welcome break from all the political rhetoric that we've been subjected to of late. For some reason she seemed a breathe of fresh air to me. I wonder why?

I felt constrained to to talk about this tonight and solicit whatever help anyone can give, especially the prayers of all of us. May the picture of this little cutie pie be a reminder to us.


sparrow's song said...

As you know, Maxine, our giving in monetary means are tied to Compassion for a time. But we can certainly give up prayers at anytime.

Thank you for such a tender heart in caring for others.

Mrs. Bush brings focus back to the life balance of what really matters; truth and love.

Beverly said...

What a tragedy. Sometimes it is so easy to forget what unspeakable horror others are going through as we live our "cushiony" lives.

I do think that Mrs. Bush has a heart of great compassion for others. She is refreshing.

kris said...

Thanks,Maxine, for putting life into perspective - politics doesn't mean much. It's helping people, sharing the love of Jesus, that really matters.

Thanks,too,for all your kinds words on my blog!!
May God richly bless you today.


Thank you for posting this Maxine, these things have been on my mind as well. I have been praying. Such great loss. We have so much and sometimes don't give it a second thought but I am very thankful and do pray that there are ways in which we can help all those people that need so much.

I agreed with the comments you made about Laura Bush also. A breath of fresh air. connie from Texas

Happy Mother's Day.

Sara said...
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Sara said...

I think I just found the answer to a prayer by reading your blog! We JUST got a call tonight from Compassion telling us that they have dropped the young lady who we have been sponsoring for a very long time. I was so sad to hear this, because I had grown close to this girl. We are looking to sponsor another child though...and what a ministry it would be to help someone from Myanmar! Thanks!

Maxine said...

Oh good, Sara! Maybe that's why the Lord led me to post it.

Thanks, Sparrow, Bev, Kris, and Connie for sharing your good thoughts.

Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Importany reminder!

Child sponsorship is an excellent way to teach children firsthand about compassion, caring and stewardship too.


sparrow's song said...

when I saw the news on these individuals who are suffering this morning (Friday), I had to pause and pray for them again. It grieves me to know their government is purposely withholding outside Aid from them. Their suffering is doubled as time moves on and help is denied.