Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ahh, Fall

What an absolutely gorgeous day we're having in my area. You've heard me say it before and no doubt will hear me say it again: I love October. Neesie and I just got back from our daily walk and I said to her that for me, it's perfect fall weather. My husband thinks it's a bit "nippy," but that's the best part about the season, in my estimation. However, remember that you are listening to a person who intensely dislikes summer, with the heat and humidity, and BUGS! You know about my recent battles with fleas and mosquitoes, and I'm wishing for their soon to come demise. My poor doggy is still suffering from the effects of something. Even with the flea medication, he's scratching and biting himself terribly, so now I'm fearing he has some type of allergy. The vet had told me once that some dogs are allergic to flea bites and that they keep scratching long after the flea is gone. We're keeping our eye on him.

At any rate, I just wanted to mention some of the pleasant autumn things that filtered through my senses today: On my skin was the feel of the crisp, cool air; through my eyes was the sight of the oranges and reds displayed by the trees and squirrels, many of them babies, scurrying about gathering the many acorns all over the yards; through my ears came the sounds of the leaves crunching at our feet and the blue jays making their harsh noisy calls to each other; and there was the smell of the Swedish Apple Bake which I made early for breakfast, and best of all, the yummy taste of it which I enjoyed with my morning coffee. Apples--one of the best features of autumn!

It's hard to believe that the month is half over. I wish I could hold onto it and slow it down. Oh! And one of my favorite aspects of the month is the baseball playoffs. They are REALLY exciting this year. The Phillies and Yankees both made it through the first round and each team is about to face their respective opponents for the league championships. There is no way they can both win and end up facing each other in the World Series--right? Nooo, that can't happen! What would I do? Since the Phils are the current defending champs from last year, the odds are against a repeat. At least I think that's how it works. Oh well, whatever. We're having lots of fun and nervous breakdowns along the way!

Hope you're enjoying your fall days. How's the weather there right now where you are? I was reading on the Yankees website that before they left Minnesota on Monday it was snowing! And Saturday's Phillies/Rockies game was called Saturday because of cold and snow. Any friends in the South? How's it down there?


Patti said...

Fall is my favorite season...but I HATE what follows. I detest winter for a variety of reasons. But remember, I lived most of my life in Florida, a state that knows no winter.

Here in Idaho, we're having a cooler than average October. September was hotter than usual, pretty much near 90 all month. So, in some ways, it seems like we went from summer to winter and that we're still waiting for fall. (Today, however, it is more normal temperature-wise, but I don't know how long until the cold returns again. But at least we don't have snow!!)

Blessings to you,

PS Go Phillies!!

Neesie said...

It is cold. :-(

~~Deby said...

My favorite month too...not because it is my birthday and anniversary month..I just love all that it brings...and even the name for some reason...
we are having rain here..but sunbreaks as they are called out between showers...
oooops...go Mariners...LOL

Linda said...

Thank you for sharing your perfect autumn day Maxine. It was 92 here today and so humid. However, they have promised that a cool front is on the way. I have definitely had enough of hot summer weather.
This is the time of year I miss living in upstate NY. I love Texas, but I miss the fall colors and the crisp, cool days.

My husband loves Texas too, but he remains a loyal Yankee fan!

Brenda said...

What a beautiful sensory journey you took us on!
As much as i don't like seeing summer come to an end, I do really love autumn.

Susan Skitt said...

Hi Maxine, well, you know we both have the same weather since we live in states nearby, but on Wed. we were in Harrisburg area visiting a colleg with our oldest. It was still crisp and nice and after the college we stopped by Harrisburg, my state's capitol. The wind was cool and crisp. On Monday, my oldest had school play practice so I took my eight year old with three cousins to a pumpkin field and apple picking at Styers orchards.

Fall is my favorite too :)

Blessings my friend.

Cathy said...

It is nice that the weather is not so hot, but it is getting cold here. Sorry, but I don't look forward to the winter either. Some of the flowers in my yard like the cooler temps too. Glad you are enjoying the season so much ~ Love and Hugs ~