Monday, October 19, 2009

Moms: America Needs You!

A new website is being officially launched today and I must tell you about it. All moms and grandmoms (and those who love moms and grandmoms), please consider being involved. I encourage you to join and see what it's all about. The three moms who have been instrumental in getting this network off the ground have adopted for it (with some modification) the nine principles and twelve core values of Glenn Beck's 9/12 Project. I don't think any of you will have any problem with these principles and values. This is from the main page of the new site:

"Will you join us in renewing our minds, changing how we think about the role of motherhood, standing up for the God inspired principles of our nation and instructing our children as we were commanded in Deuteronomy 6:6-12? We have many groups, discussions, blogs, ministry to help you take back your family and your country so come on in and let the changes begin. "

I have already joined this network and like what I see thus far. Groups are being formed as I write (you could start one too if you wanted to) and those of us who were "head start" members are inviting folks. Hopefully,news about this will spread across the country and moms will have a place to be informed and edified, which hopefully will be beneficial for the future of America. And who can better deal with the future than mothers? I hope you all will want to be a part. You would better understand once you became a member and if you find (which I doubt) that you don't like it, there is a place where you can go to leave the network. And like all internet networks, becoming a member does not mean you have to do anything at all except read what's going on as your time allows. You can even control the number of emails you get, even to the point of getting none at all. But being a member means you can involve yourself when and if you want to.

I have begun sending out emails, and some of you who are my blog friends may get one. I hope you'll join up with me and other women who are already excited about this. In fact, I hope this spreads across our nation like a wildfire!!! It is SORELY needed. Who knows that moms may be the ones to turn things around!

Come sign up and look around: The 9/12 Mom's Network. When you are on board, look for me so we can be "friends." And oh, would you do me another favor and tell others? These ladies are not well known celebrities, but ordinary folks like you and me. So we need to have that old word of mouth communication about this, as it won't be told on the news.

By the way again, the above photo is of my older granddaughter when she was two. We took this for an edition of our SG newsletter which dealt with teaching patriotism to our children and I thought it an appropriate picture for this post. I hope my grandchildren will grow up to love their country, but I sure do hope their country is worthy of that love. Maybe, just maybe, we can have something to do with that.

UPDATE: I realize now that you can go to the site and see all the pages without being a member, so this is good. That will help you see for yourself what it's all about. You may find you aren't into the social networking thing, as some people aren't. And I want to emphasize again: Some people cannot be as involved as others, because I know I am limited with my time, but I do want to do what I can to help when and where I can. I especially hope this site will be helpful in emphasizing the need to teach our children good Christian values in a time when those values are so desperately needed.


Susan Skitt said...

Precious picture! And yes, we do need to be involved. I will check this out further but since you have recommended it, I can look into it with confidence :)


Susan said...

I so agree with Susan Skitt's comment. Your recommendation is valuable, Maxine. I am very familiar with Beck's 9/12 project and we try and watch Glen each day on Fox. I admire him for taking on the "Big Guys" and not backing down. He has been responsible for what little headway has been made to date.

Sandra said...

Yes, Maxine I will check this out. I'm not familiar with it and want to see what it is all about.

Susan said...

Wow this looks interesting.

Coming from you, I'll check into this.

Thanks for sharing it with us~

diana said...

thanks for the info. i'll go check it out.

you're granddaughter is precious.

Debra said...

Hey there Maxine! I will check this site out.

Yep, I'm a Saints fan...but I do love the Giants and always pull for them...except when their playing the saints! Hope you and your family are doing well!


Baptist Girl said...

Hi Maxine,
I need to let you know that as a Canadian I loves watching Glen Beck and all the others on FOX news. Canadian News is very boring and VERY liberal. Foxs news tells it as it is and is never boring!!I will be checking out the site.