Thursday, October 08, 2009

Bloggers: Support Our Troops

A blogger friend named Sandra just made a wonderful post drawing our attention to the troops who are all over the world serving our country and protecting our freedoms. She particularly emphasized those serving in Afghanistan. I strongly encourage you to go read this post entitled "You are Someone Special in my Life." In her post, Sandra is encouraging other bloggers to blog something about the troops, but more importantly, to pray for them. So that's what I'm doing here. Would you do the same? Would anyone who is reading this post and Sandra's also take a few minutes to show support on your blog of our men and women in the military who are putting their lives on the line for our country? Let's all join together in prayer! Let's pray that God would indeed be the power behind them.

Didn't your heart bleed, as mine did, when you heard the news of last weekend's loss of life in Afghanistan? One of them was a young man who lived in my state, in a county next door to mine. There were quite a few families across the country who got that dreaded visit this week when officers knocked on their doors. Aren't you a bit on pins and needles waiting to see what's going to happen with all the drama between the White House and the generals? What a time to pray for these soldiers and their families! Thank you, Sandra, for your timely reminder.


Brenda said...

We have nine, I believe, who were stationed from Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs who died this week.
Living in a military city has made it so much more 'real' for us. I may have mentioned this but one of our neighbors just came back and another is in Afghanistan for a year.
I just wish that our President would lay down his reputation and do what is the best and right and most important.

Maxine said...

Oh my, Brenda. Condolences to the people in your area. I am praying that the right thing will be decided by the administration. I am praying for them all. This is not a matter for politics.

Susan said...

What a wonderful post link for our troops. We have a man from our church serving now and I see his wife and young children in church. It's the families, the one's at home ALONE that need that special prayer, too. What a sacrifice is being made for our freedom.

Sandra said...

Thank you so much Maxine for participating. My heart aches for what is happening and I think that because it has gone on for so long, people have gotten used to it and it doesn't seem to bother them as much anymore.


Maxine said...

That is so hard, Susan, to see the families there without their husband and father. Sadly, sometimes you hear of children who have both parents gone. They sure do remind us of the seriousness of all this.

Thanks again,Sandra, for bringing this to the forefront of our hearts and minds. That is where it should be.

Patti said...

It hit home quite hard earlier this summer, as the soldier captured by the Taliban and held as a POW is from Hailey, Idaho, about 3 hours from where I live. Of course, my local news in Boise had lots of coverage about it, including how the community was drawing together and having a vigil for him. His name is Sgt. Bowe Bergdoll, and he needs our prayers very much. To be captured by the Taliban must be a horribly frightening ordeal.

Great post. thanks for the continued reminder to pray for our troops. I mean, if it was my son over there, I would want millions praying for him, wouldn't you? (I know you don't have a son, but you can imagine)


Maxine said...

I didn't know about Sgt. Bergdoll, Patti. I guess he's still in captivity. That's so sad and must be unbelievably difficult for his family. I agree. I can't imagine being held by people like the Taliban. Most definitely we should specifically remember him in prayer.

Cathy said...

We do need to be praying for our troops and their families, Maxine. I have heard that they are tired and their moral is not good. God bless and protect our troops.

diana said...

war, any war, breaks my heart. so much is lost because of it. our freedom comes at an expensive price, and we can't thank those who serve enough for the sacrifice they make.

the soldiers, their families, the president, and the administration are in my daily prayers.

Barbara said...

We definitely need to remember all our servicemen/women in prayer. There was a time when I appreciated every prayer for my husband who was overseas twice, once in Vietnam. I thank the Lord that he got out okay, but one of our neighbor's lost her only son in that war back in the 70's.

I agree with Brenda that the President needs to do what is right for the troops, not what others want him to do, and listen to McChrystal, the man he appointed himself.

Maxine said...

I know we all feel there is little we can do at times, but isn't it wonderful that we can all pray? Thanks for your comments, Cathy, Diana, and Barbara. We know the Lord hears the prayers of His people. Let's keep pressing on, lifting up these people in the military, their families, the heart of the President, wisdom for the military officers, and on and on.