Sunday, October 04, 2009

Iran, Iran

What a sad state of affairs. What a world. What a mess. And Iran. What to say about this country? The topic of the ongoing saga concerning the hidden nuke site has been given top attention on all the news stations and blogs, and rightfully so, of course. But there is something about Iran that does not get talked about much in Washington or in news reports. They persecute Christians there. They are one of many nations who will put someone in jail (or worse) simply because that person believes in Jesus. I just got an email from VOM about two women who are being held in jail in Tehran for that very reason. Two women who refuse to renounce their faith. Oh, the courage of so many believers who live in these restricted nations. As you enjoy your Lord's Day in your churches today (it's just after midnight here), remember these two precious ladies and the many others like them all over this world. As you pray for the situation in Iran, don't just pray about the nuclear weapons; please pray also for the brave ones being persecuted. Remember their bonds.


Susan said...

AMEN, AMEN, Maxine. Thanks for the reminder.

Sandra said...

Sometimes we forget about the persecuted church in places like Iran and we need to lift them up in prayer.

Aren't things unfolding quickly in prophecy!!!!


Linda said...

Thank you, dear heart, for this reminder. I had heard about these brave, faithful young women and had been praying for them. Thank you for reminding me again to pray. They are our sisters and want them to somehow know they are loved and prayed for - as are the others who suffer great persecution for their faith.
We are so blessed.