Thursday, November 06, 2008

Must Links

I have more links that are musts. I am almost jumping up and down with excitement after following many links that have led me to other links, etc. etc. So many folks are posting good stuff. Go to Cathy's to get a few of them. I am refreshed and renewed in Christ today! Heaven is my home! I love my country, but my primary citizenship is in heaven! Nothing NOTHING can separate me from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus my Lord. No government here on earth can take away what Christ is to me. Yes, the days ahead may be difficult; they already have been. Surely we knew we were living in trying times, anyway. God is drawing us closer to Himself--I just know He is. Praise Him!

My daughter Neesie has linked to a beautiful post written by a young black woman. Please follow that link and look into Jasmine's heart and be blessed if you would.

Also, one of the links from Cathy had a link to another post, written by a man named Randy Alcorn, which is a must read. Please take the time--it will be well spent.


Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Looking forward to reading those links :) You are so right that our citizenship is in Heaven. Praise God!

Cherdecor said...

I, too,will be looking forward to reading to all the links here. Just reading your post made me happy! Your joy is coming through.

Patricia said...

Hi Maxine - thank you so much for stopping by Pollywog Creek and leaving a comment. Randy Alcorn's post was pure balm, wasn't it?

Cathy said...

Thanks for referring to my post, Maxine, as I also did to yours. I like what you said today, and I enjoyed visiting Neesie's and the other blog too.

diana said...

i've been reading so many posts since yesterday. there's a lot of ugliness out there but there's also a lot of great posts that, like you, lifts my spirits. i will be checking out the different links you link to.

i found this one and thought it was a great one in that it give us specific things we can be praying for. i hope you and your readers find it useful, too.

Patti said...

Hi Maxine,

I'm Ella's mom, and since I found out you have a blog (via a comment you left on Jasmine's), I thought I would make your acquaintance.

With regard to the election, first of all, being white, I know that I can't fully understand the way the black community feels about the election of Barack Obama. I recognize that even 20 years ago his election would not have happened. Sadly, though, I really don't think it's because the ugly blight of racism has been removed from our land. Do you? I think there is still a horrible amount of racism. There was just more hatred of George Bush and all things connected to him (Republican). I know people that are horribly racist (who continually use the ugly "n" word) that voted for Obama simply out of hatred for Bush. I SO wish that racism would be eradicated for good, but it can only be accomplished through Jesus Christ, as we truly believe that we are all one race---the human race. And since our nation refuses to bow to Jesus, is it possible to overcome the ugly sin of racism apart from him?

I think the true test of whether racism has been overcome is in being happy and proud if your child wants to marry a person of another color or in having a person of another color as a guest in your home or as your neighbor. Sadly, there are many I know (who voted for Obama) that would cringe at those things.

Myself, I would embrace a black man for president---if he were a godly black man (such as Jasmine's father). I just can't embrace this particular black man. That said, though, I realize that God has spoken. He has put Sen. Obama in office, and I am going to pray for him daily, that his heart would be changed, that he would seek the Lord's face, that he would be a man of God. I've been hearing from far too many people that it's hopeless, that it's the end times, and it's only going to get worse. I must admit I kind of felt that way all of Wednesday, then I thought of the Apostle Paul. Who says God can't do a Saul of Tarsus change in the life of Barack Obama? Wouldn't it be incredible to see that happen?

I'm sorry I've left such a long comment.

I'm glad that Neesie and Ella (GAbrielle is her real name, she blogs under Ella to be a bit more safe) are friends. I hope the Lord grows their friendship.

Blessings on your day,

Maxine said...

I was so delighted to get your comment! And I, too, am very glad and thankful our daughters are friends! Neesie loves Ella and I feel that I've gotten to know her through their friendship. May the Lord indeed grow it.

Thank you for sharing all of this with me. These are some insights I haven't been hearing, but I know for a fact that they're true. This is a strange and unusual thing that has happened in this election. I haven't fully understood it all yet, but I can only believe that God has His hand in this for some purposes that we cannot understand, at least not yet.

I do know that He has been doing a work in me which I'm trying to sort through. I have a sense that there are things that He wants us to do as a result of all this, and that the times ahead are going to be turbulent. A friend just wrote me about having our hearts firmly rooted in Christ so that we're not deceived as things unfold. And then when they do, to be seeking the face of God through it. How do we best protect our families, our children, and the unborn in the days ahead? We should be on our knees fervently praying for direction, but we can't just sit back anymore and complain. And we must be sure not to be filled with bitterness and hatred.

We are going to pray for our new President and pray without ceasing. But not stop there. Wherever and however we can, I hope we'll reach out to President Obama and let him know our hearts. Prayer for our Congress is also important. I plan on being more familiar and proactive in that area. We have to let these men and women know what the desires of our heart are--for righteousness to return to the country. We're not as much of a minority, if at all, as they may think.

I have no doubt God is working and will work. We do have to come together, but in the right spirit.

Wow, Patti, I just got up on my soap box by just responding to your comment. At some point and time, after reading and hearing the hearts of so many of God's people, Ihope in time that many of us can post God-glorifying calls to action on our blogs. Not angry or bitter ones, but those which show our determination to be useful in some way for what is true and right. Who knows that our Lord has not brought us to just such a time as this?

But this is so important: Let's not think that the cause of America is our priority. The cause of CHRIST is our priority. As I read on one of all these wonderful articles and posts I've been to of late, America can't save the world, only Jesus can. The best thing we can do for this world as Christians is to offer them Jesus, not America.

I'll be over to visit your blog in a few minutes, Patti. Thanks for reaching out!

Maxine said...


I forgot to tell you that I went to that link and it's one of the ones that I'm going to print out and save so I can have it as a reference. I'm making up a folder containing some of the articles and posts (hard copies) that have been encouraging me the past two days.

Thanks for sending that one!

Mishel said...

Great links Maxine--especially Randy Alcorns.