Thursday, November 20, 2008

No Place Like Home

What have you been doing this week? I've been pretty busy, getting quite a bit done here in my home. I've been working on the home business, teaching homeschooling, laundry (which brought on some plumbing problems which have thankfully been resolved), housecleaning, cooking, family finances, and CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!

I thought I would like to take this moment to proclaim my thankfulness for online and catalog shopping. As one who has never liked the hustle and bustle of going to stores during the Christmas season (or any season for that matter), it's so wonderful to be able to sit in my home and get on the phone or computer to order various gifts for various people on my shopping list. For those of you who like the whole store and mall shopping thingamajig, more power to you. But for me, I like the time, gas, and headaches that shopping from home saves me. That's not to say that I don't find it necessary to sometimes go to stores , but as the years have gone by, it's increasingly not been nearly as often or time guzzling as it used to be. So, how many of you enjoy the whole stores routine and how many of you are like me?

That's all for today, folks. Haven't seen the grandkids since Sunday. Hope to see them tomorrow, though. We have a funeral at church, so please remember a dear sister from church who was widowed this week when her husband (who was saved near the end) went home to glory after a battle with cancer.


Patti said...

Oh, Maxine, I hear ya!!! I, also, am NOT one that enjoys all the hustle and bustle of the stores. I have a friend (from our living in Florida days) who always raved about the day after Thanksgiving shopping excursions that she did. She LOVED this annual shopping day with her mom and sister-in-law. She thrived on it. I wondered what I was missing, as I had NEVER done that (oh, maybe as a 5 year old I went to Kaufman's or Hornes with my grandmother). So I decided in about 1997 or 1998 that I had to see what all the fuss was about. So I gathered up my 7 year old and 5 year old and headed to the mall. What a dreadful experience. I quickly found out that I am NOT one of those day after Thanksgiving shoppers. It was a nightmare to me, not at all a fun day.. And I've never done it again...and I don't feel like I'm missing a thing.

Like you, I would far prefer ordering something online. Sometimes you can even have it sent directly to the person, thereby saving a trip to the post office, which also can be a crowd and a half.

Anyhow, I'm right there with ya. I would far rather be home than anywhere else, as my two latest posts will bear out. I could actually beat that subject into the ground, so I think after two posts about our fast-track society I need to switch gears and post about something else.

Have a lovely day,

Penless Thoughts said...

I'm sure not into "shopping" any more much. I never was too much anyway but as I've gotten older. When I do have to go I enjoy going with one of my daughters.

I am so sorry for your dear friend just losing her husband. Thank God he was saved before he was called home.

diana said...

i enjoy doing both - shopping online and in stores. there's times when i'm in the mood to use all my senses. there's times when i don't want to get off my couch. just depends on my mood =)

to be honest, i don't feel like Christmas shopping at all this year. i hope that changes here soon.

Linda said...

You have been a busy lady! I am absolutely with you on the shopping thing. We were wandering around Walmart the other day and I found myself whining yet again, "I hate shopping." I think you have the right idea.


Maxine, I certainly am with you about home shopping being much better in my opinion whenever possible.

I will be praying for your church friend. My heart feels so sorry for her loss.

When you see your grandchildren, please give them a hug for me.

I came by to wish you and your family HAPPY THANKSGIVING early since I am going to be out of town for the holiday.connie

Me Maw said...

As I get older I like shopping less and less. Don't know why that is. I've not gotten in to online shopping yet, but maybe I will having read the positvie comments.

So sorry about the one who lost her husband. Seems we are all here for such a brief moment...we should all be careful to cherish each day, not knowing when the Lord may call us home!

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!

Blessings of peace and all that is good,

Neesie said...

Haha, well you know me, if I could be out there...I WOULD! Crowds and me just go together. :-)

Good job on all your online shopping this year though. Very good job!

Cathy said...

I think shopping online is nice too, Maxine. And you don't have to get out in the cold! I will probably be going out some though. You are smart, getting so much done. Praying for your friend from church ~

Barbara said...

I shop some online, but not for gifts or clothes. Yesterday was my husband's birthday. We went out to eat shopping in Penney's afterwards. This was our first trip to the new Penney's store near us. I bought a pair of slacks, shirt and bra. My husband found 2 pair of pants and 3 shirts. But the thing about all this except for one of his shirts, he got them all buy one/get on free! And the other shirt, which was an oxford one, he got for $7.99! Unbelievable! We were very happy with our shopping trip. Everything on sale but my bra! But who cares. :)

I have found that I can't shop as long as I used to when I was younger. But, when I'm in the mood, it's still fun!

Bethany said...

I enjoy walking around busy stores when I don't need to buy anything! Hope you are doing well! May the Lord Bless your Thanksgiving!
Because of Him,

It's All Good! said...

I'm leaning more and more to online shopping. So convenient. Not to mention saving on gas!
Have a great week.
Brenda :)

Maxine said...

Well, the online at home shoppers are in the majority as I see it, but I can see that Barbara sure did enjoy her shopping trip! I must admit, sometimes you hit it like that.

Susan Skitt said...

Hi dear friend :) I will be praying for your friend in her time of grief.

As for Christmas shopping, I love it. It's so much fun selecting that special gift for each special person. I don't like the crowds though and often try to shop ahead. But even with best efforts, I do find myself still in a few crowds for those last minute things like stocking stuffers!

BTW - my blog is in transition. I have purchased a new domain name at

It should transfer over to my blog in a few days. In the meantime, I can't seem to get out to my own site. I hope and pray that they didn't delete it in the process.

Also, my new email is

Have a great day!