Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Cute Little Visitor

Okay. This morning we're struggling with a science project that isn't working. My daughter has left me behind in algebra and I'm struggling to figure out whether a particular quiz problem is wrong or right. Certain financial papers are at various locations around the house, after paying the monthly bills. Oh yes, I need to start thinking about the income tax preparation. My nice clean house from the weekend is starting to get dirty--the back yard is muddy from yesterday's rain and my dog does not wipe his feet! The second quarter grading sheets need to be finished so they can be sent to A Beka in the time allotted. Laundry is behind.

My dishwasher (my husband), is a bit under the weather, so I'm doing the breakfast dishes--a lot of them because I made muffins. By the way, in case you're wondering, our automatic dishwasher hasn't worked in ages. Anyway, here comes Frustration trying to creep up on me. He hasn't been around in a while. Sad Heart has come by a bit of late, but not Frustration. So, as I was trying to deal with that old friend from the past, I saw it. It was in the bush outside the kitchen window. It was a Carolina wren, one of those little guys who don't frequent this part of the country too often. As always, it was cute as it could be, but that wasn't all. It started singing. That was all that was needed to turn Frustration on his heels and send him out of my house. The song was strong and determined from that little guy in my bush. I think the Lord sent him.


Cathy said...

That is so sweet, and what a pretty little bird! Sometimes we just feel all overloaded like that. Thank God for His blessing.

Penless Thoughts said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post. Not that you were dealing with issues but how God sent HIS messanger, the little bird. When my hubby and I were going through a very hard time in our marriage (some 25 years ago) the Lord would give me a song bird on many mornings to remind me, yet again, of HIS love and care. What a God we serve!!! He thinks of everything.

Beverly said...

Yay! I love Carolina wrens. And your day sounds just like some that I have had lately - it is wonderful how God sends little things to comfort our hearts and cheer us on our way.

sparrow's song said...

And you know how I love those little birds!! They have a quaint little personality, bringing cheer wherever they go.

I find it ironic how concerns often come in multiple packages, seeming to pile up on top of one another. Ever notice that? What a perfect opportunity for God to shine all the brighter as He unravels the messes and brings about solutions to troubles that come to our door.

Praying for the Orphaned children and Kenya's rest. Wars and rumors of war. *sad sigh* The most troubling part is that children are often the innocent victims paying the price for another's sin. The only peace I can muster from such violent situations, is knowing God's mercy covers the little ones who are killed and He will take them to Himself. He will wipe away every tear and there will be no more pain or suffering.

Beka said...

Oh, how encouraging. The Lord sent a little messenger to ward off your enemy!


I just know God sent him just for you. All the things that go wrong will not matter one bit a hundred years from now. So might as well not get over wrought over situaions. They always work out and God works them out to our good. love you, connie from Texas