Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A picture and a poem

Well now, we have completed one whole week in 2008. Actually, I'm rather glad the extremely busy holiday season has subsided and I think I'm finally starting to get going on some writing and business ventures. I just stopped by to post a picture and a poem.

A quick note about Selena. She has become quite a little character and keeps us chuckling. Talk about a whiz kid, she even just made her own blog post! Go visit Bev's blog to read it--I think you'll enjoy it.

Also, a sister from church gave me a church newsletter the other day because it had a couple of good poems in it and she thought I might like to post one on my blog. She was right. I really liked this one in particular. These are wonderful thoughts to start off the year. May it be a blessing and prayer for all of us.

Father, let me dedicate, all this year to thee,
In whatever wordly state Thou wilt have me be:
Not from sorrow, pain or care, freedom dare I claim;
This alone shall be my prayer, glorify Thy Name.

Can a child presume to choose where or how to live?
Can a Father's love refuse all the best to give?
More Thou givest every day than the best can claim
Nor withholdest aught that may glorify Thy Name.

If in mercy Thou wilt spare joys that yet are mine;
If on life, serene and fair, brighter rays may shine;
Let my glad heart, while it sings, Thee in all proclaim,
And, whate'er the future brings, glorify Thy Name.
~~Lawrence Tuttiett, 1864

Oh, by the way: I'm surprised so few folks are trying for my little gift bag giveaway. (See last post.) You don't like my little titmouse? Come on, make a comment. I'll wait until Thursday to have the draw.


Beverly said...

I love that poem!!

Beka said...

Yes, wonderful poem!
That picture of Lena is hysterical.

Elise said...

Oh, my. You must have posted that just for me!

I've been hearing from Him so much lately, in this house hunt of ours. I've cried out, "I just want my dream home! And to never move again!"

And the gentlest heart-words come... Do you demand it? Or will you accept what I give, Beloved?

Thank you, friend, for sharing this. And when that little pixie is finished sweeping over there, would you send her my way? I have a little one who would love to sweep with her...

Cathy said...

lol, That picture is adorable, and the poem is great.

Penless Thoughts said...

Cute picture of your little helper!!


I am so glad that I am able to come back to visit you. I have truly missed you. I hope your new year will be a very happy one. With that little sweetheart in the picture around, I don't see how it can help but to be. May God bless you all.

Thank you so very much for the prayers you prayed for me and my family in the loss of our sister. We appreciated them so much. love you, connie from Texas

Lori said...

Great poem!

I tagged you - come on over and check it out!

Sara said...

Oh dear, I didn't even notice the contest!! I'm sorry. :(

A Note From Theresa said...

Sorry I have not been here. or I would have tried to get the gift bag. Things are just a little crazy right now.

Very cute picture :)

sparrow's song said...

I almost missed this photo!! She is an absolute gem!

...In whatever wordly state Thou wilt have me be: Not from sorrow, pain or care, freedom dare I claim; This alone shall be my prayer, glorify Thy Name.

To glorify God in whatever state He has us knowing that He is there with us and could change the circumstances if He wished. But also understanding and believing He is true and loving above and beyond all that we can fully comprehend. Trust. To trust Him in the midst of all things.

I love what this poem inspires!!

You know what, maxine? It just dawned on me that when I visit you, I feel like I've been with Christ because you always direct the reader back to Christ somewhere along the way by glorifying Him. That is so cool.

Anonymous said...

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