Monday, January 21, 2008

A Testimony About Sports

Earlier this morning I made a post in this spot about myself, my family, and the Lord's Day with regard to sports. I found myself coming back to this post throughout the day and making edit after edit, trying to get it worded right. I'm about to go to bed now and have decided to scrap the whole thing. Why? I think the post was controversial and I really don't want to be controversial here. Sometimes I want to talk about the things of the Lord and sometimes I'll talk about other things, like sports and just have fun. This is my personal blog and I want it to reflect my heart and life, but I certainly don't want it to cause conflict in anybody's heart. So, if you read the post I had here earlier, I hope it wasn't a snag in anyway. I certainly didn't intend it that way--I wanted it to be a testimony, but after reading it throughout the day, I decided just now that I didn't like it. I think some of the things that were said are just as well not said. If you didn't get a chance to read it, don't worry--you didn't miss anything.:-)

Anyway, this much I will say: I am very excited and happy that after a big win yesterday, my dear Giants are going to the Super Bowl! Most people don't think they have much of a chance against the powerhouse Patriots, but I'm just glad they will be there. And who knows? Maybe they CAN beat Brady and Company.


sparrow's song said...

I missed whatever it was you said but corrected. But I understand what you mean about coming back to edit. I suppose that's why I leave things in private for a loooong time considering it and even praying about it before posting. Yup, it's that tug in the heart where the Spirit wants to correct us for some reason known only to Him.

Although, IF it was Truth, His truth, conflict might arise no matter what we do about it. Jesus said He came to bring a sword. The Sword of Truth. Swords divide. And in this day and age many feathers are ruffled if we speak contrary to what others believe to be truth but may not be. Ouch! Stepping on toes is never pleasant for anyone. Chances are, we may end up finding ourselves ostracized by our brethren.

Kudos to your Giants!!

Maxine said...

Sparrow, I can't tell you how much I appreciate you, Sister. Thanks for your comment--I needed to hear from someone and you're so faithful. You know, that is a VERY good suggestion, to keep a post private and read over it a bit before publishing. Monday morning I wanted to post about the game and got off on a tangent and ended up saying too much before hurriedly posting it in the midst of schooling, laundry, phone calls, etc.etc. and THAT'S dangerous! But thanks for being a faithful sister, even when I've bungled up things.

Also, I agree with you about truth, even though there are some areas true believers don't agree on what truth IS. But one thing I hope we'll always do as believers is have a spirit of charity, even when we disagree on the areas that are not so clear. Unfortunately, so often that is not the case. If stepping on toes is a result of my speaking my heart on what God has shown me from the Word and another disagrees, I still hope it will be received in a spirit of charity. Romans 14 often applies here.
But I still try to stay away from controversy. But I DO NOT stay away from the truths of the gospel and THAT does often bring offense.

Thanks again!

sparrow's song said...

Thank you for your sweet words.

Controversy outside of the Truth, like politics or whatever that might be clearly open for opinion or preference? Agreed.

If stepping on toes is a result of my speaking my heart on what God has shown me from the Word and another disagrees, I still hope it will be received in a spirit of charity.

Well said. We must speak what we know for sure the Spirit is pointing to regardless of any possible offense it might bring. His Truth is a sword, and swords divide. It's tough to die to that self part that seeks applause and acceptance.

As the Word tells us, "A soft answer turns away wrath." I wonder if we don't often forget to think before we speak. The Spirit corrects me often, reminding me to answer in humility. If I could just think on my feet for that a little more I'd be doing great. As you've said, receiving things in the Spirit of charity is so important. To allow even a hint of offense to slide off our backs like water off a duck. It helps us to be that peacemaker, or even a peacekeeper, He desires us to be.

Maxine said...

Thanks again, Sparrow. May He indeed help us to be peacemakers. And may He keep our tongues from getting us in trouble. So for now, let's move forward and leave everything we do AND SAY under the blood. Blessings for the weekend, Sister!