Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Everything But the Kitchen Sink!

Everything has been working in our house this week--except the kitchen sink. We've had a TERRIBLE jammo deep in the pipes and the sink has been unusable. We couldn't use the washing machine either because when the water would spin out, it would go all over the kitchen floor! That's exactly what happened to me Monday night when I was making my corn muffins! What a mess! But now I'm happy because it's fixed!! My husband and his nephew got the the pipes unplugged, during which time pipes broke, etc. etc., but as of now my handyman hubby has done whatever and now I can use the sink again!!! (My husband's not a plumber, carpenter, mechanic, or electrician by the way, but he will hang in there with any of these things here in our own home until he gets it. Usually, he does, even though I often worry it will never get done. And often it happens after much frustration on both our parts, I must admit.)

But do you know what? This has been a blessing. During the past forty-eight hours my thoughts have gone to the people in California who have no homes left at all, let alone a kitchen sink. Then I turned my thoughts to so many people in all parts of the world who have never had running water. And now that I can use the sink and washing machine again, I ponder afresh how merciful God has been to us to give us what we do have, we being no more deserving than those who don't. So, I thank the Lord for having taken away my sink for a couple of days to help remind me how nice it is to have it. At least tonight, I won't take it for granted.

Now we're all a bit weary, but hope to relax this evening with the first World Series Game. Rooting for the Rockies!!!


Beverly said...

I love the picture atop this post. And I knew my Daddy could fix the sink - he can fix anything! Enjoy the game.

Beka said...

Me too... I love that picture!!
I am so glad that your sink is fixed! God often does use things like that to give us much-needed reminders, doesn't He?

kris said...

I am so glad that your sink is fixed. My washing mashine water used to back up into my bathtub! I remember how happy I was when we finally got that fixed.
Thanks for the reminder, too, about how blessed we are.
(I watched the baseball game last night too. I have to admit that I started out cheering for the Sox, but I felt so bad for the Rockies by the end of the game. I am hoping they come back and give the Sox a run for their money!)

sparrow's song said...

For any flaw our beloveds may have it sure is a blessing to have them around when things go haywire.

Love the quality of that photo/painting. That would be a great cross stitch.

Pondering your thoughts:
Speaking of those in California...I was just saying to my hubby that I couldn't imagine losing our home. It's almost scary how we could lose so much so quickly while we feel so helpless. I pray His covering over their families.

you shared,
And now that I can use the sink and washing machine again, I ponder afresh how merciful God has been to us to give us what we do have, we being no more deserving than those who don't.

Amen. Disaster on another doesn't mean they have sinned more. Just means God chose to spare us the heartache.

I remember going without a washer and dryer for a while when we moved to Puerto Rico. I had to battle the mosquitos to use the two offered by the base because they were located out back of the Exchange in an open shed. It was all so crazy but you learn how to be grateful when you go without.

A Note From Theresa said...

Happy you got that fixed. We never know how much we are blessed until we lose something.

Cathy said...

I'm glad your smart husband fixed your sink. I does make us very thankful when we go without our conveniences, doesn't it. We are truly blessed.