Friday, October 26, 2007

Standing in the Gap

Our friend Sparrow has done it again. You see, she has this gift which enables her to create beautiful banners and images. This time she has used her gift on behalf of the persecuted church, by creating the lovely image displayed above. The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church is fast approaching and we're recruiting prayer warriers and bloggers who'll help make this known to others. Won't you help? The Day of Prayer is set for November 11th and our persecuted brothers and sisters surely would appreciate it if there were a multitude of saints storming the gates of heaven on that day. You could make a post about it and/or you could get a banner to put on your sidebar. Please skip over to Sparrow's site for more details and to get the banner.

I'll not post a hymn this week, because I want this post to stay on top for several days. I did run across a hymn that is called "Home of the Soul" recently. I have never heard it sung, but I was touched by the words of the final stanza. Some of our persecuted brethren have already been martyred; some are imprisoned; others live in fear in their homes. These words are for them and for us:

O how sweet it will be in that beautiful land,
So free from all sorrow and pain,
With songs on our lips and with harps in our hands,,
To meet one another again.
~Ellen H. Gates


Beka said...

Beautiful... such a lovely picture reminding us to pray, and such a wonderful hymn! I will have to find that one.
I will be praying especially on the 11th.

Barbara said...

Thanks, Maxine, for telling me about this. I'll go visit now! And, I do need to get a blog post up for the persecuted church soon, too.

Beverly said...

What a wonderful reminder from Sparrow! I'm going to go visit her now. I'll be on my knees November 11th.

sparrow's song said...

Maxine, thank you so much for all your support and encouragement. And especially for your witness for our brethren. What a blessing YOU are!

hugs in the Lord